Pro Deo Et Patria

Richards Bay High School

Land Service

During the second term Richards Bay High School collected “Care boxes” for the SPCA which included food, blankets and toys. On the 4th August 2017 the teachers did a fashion show where they showcased the moves to raise even more funds for the SPCA.

In the centre are Sarel Small and Elizbeth Cordiglia of the SPCA holding the cheque, and on their right is Natasha Erasmus Of Richards Bay High School who handed the cheque to them. They are surrounded by Land Service learners of the school.

Asanda Gwala, Carla Fourie, Onika Oosthuizen and Annelise Swart

During the 2017 winter holidays Richards Bay High School's Land-Service Club attended a camp at Sweetdale. Asanda Gwala received her Springbok Colours for Land Service, and furthermore she was selected to be a Camp leader.

At the end of the camp the four Baaitjie learners on the photo were chosen to represent KZN at the National camp in the December holidays.

Before any great team can operate with success you need to get to know one another. What better way than a sleepover with B & L theme (dress up according to a letter). We did some boeresport and walked through our dark and “haunted” school.

Our main objective for 2016 was “Paying back to the community”. We had our annual cancer day candle lighting for the school and it was great to see that we all share the same empathy and unity towards cancer.

We treated our cleaners at school to some sweet treats to thank them for their hard work and friendly smiles.

The local SPCA is always struggling to keep their head above water, so we collected food and sold cupcakes to help them.

The club also supported the annual beach clean-up at Naval Island where they found great ways to make a messy job a lot more fun.

Our club attended the provincial camp in the June holiday and we were so honoured and proud that Annelise Swart, Carla Fourie and Asanda Gwala were selected to attend the National Camp in December. Furthermore Asanda Gwala received her Leadership award and Renske Verburgh her Springbok award. These two girls are great role models for the juniors in the club.