Pro Deo Et Patria

Richards Bay High School


The Junior- and Senior Orator evening was again a huge success, with high standards and good support from parents. 24 Juniors and 21 Seniors took part.

Result Juniors:

  • Sumarie Roodt - Junior Orator of the Year
  • Divan Oelofse
  • Alma Strachan

Result Seniors

  • Shené Ferreira - Senior Orator of the Year
  • Fundile Nene
  • Alicia Terblanche

Sumarie Roodt - Junior Orator of the Year

Shené Ferreira - Senior Orator of the Year

ATKV Orators

The semi-final of the ATKV Redenaarskompetisie took place in Durban on 3 June.

In the senior section Shené Ferreira was the winner in the Prepared category. She repsresents KZN on 12 August at the nation-wide final at the ATKV-Buffelspoort. Congratulations!!

In the junior section Sumarie Roodt was the winner in the Unprepared category. She represents KZN on 12 August at ATKV Buffelspoort. Congratulations!!

With their Coach, me J. Basson.

With the Principal, Mr H. Muller.


On the 22nd of April 2016, the Inter School Orators Competition took place at Richards Bay High School. 50 Juniors and Seniors from Eshowe, Felixton, Grantleigh, Christian School, St Catherine’s, Empangeni and John Ross College took part in this competition. This was a huge event and thoroughly enjoyed by participants and spectators. This year was an open topic competition and saw many interesting speeches. At the end of it all Richards Bay High School’s Javaan Roopan took the trophy in the Junior division and Nadia Sheik won the Senior division and also the best overall speaker of the day.

Javaan Roopan and Nadia Sheik

Baaitjieland Orators Soaring High

“He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word. The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense”. These were the words of the well-known Polish novelist and poet, Joseph Conrad, author of Heart of Darkness.

At Richards Bay High School, teachers realise that young people should be able to stand up for themselves in an educated, civilized way and therefore, learners are trained to be skilled orators. From sweaty palms to cracking voices, speaking publicly can be terrifying, yet it is a crucial skill to have in an unfriendly world. Therefore, by engaging in numerous orator competitions, learners lose the fear and become tough negotiators while debating about a certain matter.

In the recent Rotary Team Speech, Richards Bay High won the Richards Bay zone trials. They competed against nine teams. Two of their own Baaitjie teams gave them the hardest nut to crack and the winning team, Shaé-Lyn Prawlall, Bomie Vumase and Calista Kinsey managed to walk away with the Rotary trophy after winning with one point only.

These three girls passionately pointed out that we as a society have a social responsibility to look after the poor; it is not a choice anymore. “If my brother and sister are doing well, I will also be allowed to live out my dream”, miss Kinsey stated.

On 10 March, Sumari Roodt and Clarika Wilken made a clean sweep at the E.G. Jansen Orator's Competition in Durban. These two young ladies ended as the top-2 in Natal - indeed a great achievement!

Nadine Stander, a learner of Richards Bay High School, won the KZN senior orators and is the sole representative for KZN at the nation wide final of the ATKV-redenaarskompetisie on 21 August 2015 at Goudini. Congratulations, we are proud of you!!

Sumari Roodt, Shené Ferreira, Anél Jordaan and Carma Jacobs all ended in the top-5 at the final round of the KZN-ATKV-redenaarskompetisie. Shené (Prepared) and Anél (Unprepared) are both Reserves for the National Final.