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Richards Bay High School


Marnus Ferreira – Batting blitz of Richards Bay High School

Marnus, a mainstay of the Ricahrds Bay High School First Team, has excelled this year in the United Kingdom amateur matches.

In the 12 matches in which he played in the British cricket season, he scored six 50's and one century. Hy boasts of an average 85 runs per match.

Marnus was also the wicket-keeper for his team, Sharow Cricket Club in Ripon. He achieved the quickest 50-score (57 from 21 balls) in the club's history. The club which he represents plays in the Lidderdale amatuer cricket league, which consists of 58 clubs. Marnus' contribution made it possible for the club to reach the elimination round.

Marnus has received invitations from many clubs wanting to enrol him for the new season - there was even an offer from Australia. Baaitjies is watching his progress with high expectations.