Pro Deo Et Patria

Richards Bay High School

Teachers' Concert 2016

Dr. Luv op die Knip en Snip Plesierboot

(Dr. Luv on the Cut and Snip Pleasure Cruise)

(The staff concert - where teachers' names get beaten!!)

The full halls and the sizeable amount of money collected for the staff funds, is surely a good indication that learners and parents enjoy seeing the staff in roles other than "angry in class". Even the Governing Body took part enthusiastically when dragged onto the stage!

This year's concert was basically about change, but the message was camouflaged by a lot of fun and nonsense. Staff were placed in roles completely contrary to their own personalities, but they were nonetheless prepared (sometimes with a bit of encouragement) to live themselves in the role, and the end result was one of chaos and entertainment.

Due to a full school programme the concert was postponed once or twice, and the "script" was altered so many times due to staff being away, or pregnant. Eventually the concert was presented on 5 and 6 March, and although the staff had a vague inclination of the story line, they delivered an outstanding performance after only two rehearsals!

The success of the concert is a tribute to the capability of the staff in improvising, after the previous speaker (deliberately) changed the story line. But they nonetheless persevered, and the show was enjoyed by all. The team spirit is fantastic, and that, People, cannot be said of everyone!