Pro Deo Et Patria

Richards Bay High School


(Updated 25-01-2017)

Our traditions make us the school that we are

  1. Sing the School Anthem at the end of Assembly
  2. The “blou masjien”
  3. Slow clap at the end of Assembly
  4. Remembrance service
  5. Head Prefects receive white blazers on their announcement
  6. Hoisting the school flag if all teams of one sport have won
  7. Hoisting the school flag and country flag by the Head Prefects
  8. Educators sitting on stage during Assembly
  9. After the rookies concert the learners wear their full school uniform and take the oath of loyalty
  10. Prefects are announced to the whole school at a full school Assembly
  11. Head Prefects are announced at the Gr.12 prize giving
  12. The parents of the new prefects pin their badges on their lapels, and then adjourn for tea
  13. When first teams play the rest of the school form a tunnel on the field
  14. Final Assembly for Matrics
  15. Matric tea
  16. Singing of "Gaudeamus Igitur" when the Academic procession enters and leaves the hall during Academic prize giving
  17. Head Prefects handle Sport and Culture prize giving prayers and thank-you's
  18. Gala is ended with a swimming item by the Matrics
  19. Valentine's and Spring Ball
  20. "Mnr Ramkat" and Miss Spring / "Mnr Ramkat" Junior and Miss Spring Blossom
  21. Wooden Cross by the Choir at Easter
  22. Matric Farewell
  23. Cancer awareness - trees are decorated in pink from 1 September to 24 September
  24. Two Academic and one Sport-and-Culture prize givings every year
  25. Casual Day in aid of welfare
  26. "Kreet"
  27. School stands when the Principal and others enter the hall for Assembly
  28. Blood donations
  29. Outreach actvities
  30. Phi-Sigma for learners with above average performance
  31. Gr.8 Choir sings during prize giving in February
  32. Annual boxing
  33. Jnr and Snr Assembly
  34. The Staff of Authority is handed by outgoing Prefects to new leaders at Gr.12 prize giving
  35. Annual go-cart racing
  36. Teachers fashion parade
  37. Gr.11 Monitors in library, kiosk and assistance to Reception Committee
  38. Teachers Concert
  39. 1st team rugby war-cry just before break in the Matric quadrant
  40. Three sport houses – Albatros, Flamink en Visarend
  41. Award of the "Vlakvark-trofee" for the House that has the best academic, culture and sport achievements
  42. Matric quadrant for exclusive use by the Matrics
  43. Guard of Honour by the prefects for the staff during Academic prize giving