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Richards Bay High School

Rugby 2018

Sport results

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The ShadowBall is engineered to rebound off any wall and come spiralling back to the passer, and for the first time ever, it enables rugby players to train solo passing and catching.

“Skill and technique are often confused” says ShadowBall inventor, Gary Crookes. “Techniques are trained in practice, but when applied instinctively in a match situation, that’s skill."

“A professional team might only practice passing and catching 30 to 60 times in a practice session. In contrast, the ShadowBall allows 300 solo passes and catches in just ten minutes – that’s ten times the repetition and reinforcement of fundamental technique."

“ShadowBall is the rugby equivalent of the practice wall for tennis players and the driving range for golfers. For rapid improvement, repetition training is the only solution."

“If you are a serious rugby player or are just looking for ways to improve your game, ShadowBall is the perfect tool to develop personal handling and passing skills – it’s a necessity for any rugby player.”

Nashua Rugby Skills Project (NRSP) which is rolling out to 72 schools across the South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Once completed, the roadshow will have trained more than 2,500 Grade 8 pupils to develop their rugby skills.

The initiative has been widely praised for its strong CSI and business elements. Every activation upskills two schools, one selected by a Nashua franchise to participate and a corresponding development school, plus the roadshow has enabled the sponsor to make in-roads into the education sector and provide each school with a free office assessment.

After the first round of training, NRSP leaves every school with branded ShadowBalls, a coach’s manual and a set of Google cardboards with instructional footage for the coaches and kids. The project then revisits the school for round two after six weeks and the same tests are performed to collect improvement data. Previous assessments at numerous Jo’burg-based schools have shown an average team performance increase of 20% in a mere four weeks.

First Team Rugby coach Mr. Hennie Pretorius from Hoërskool Richardsbaai has been appointed as the Head Coach of the 2018 u/18 Sharks Country Districts Team and he is appointed as an u/18 Sharks Schools Provincial Selector for 2018, making this his third consecutive year appointed at Provincial level as coach / selector.

Rugby results

Rugby 7’s u/15:

  • Won HSRB tournament vs Pionier
  • Won Empangeni tournament vs Pionier
  • Lost in final against Clifton in Richards Bay Christian School tournament

Rugby 7’s u/18:

  • Lost in final against Pionier HSRB tournament
  • Lost in semi-final vs Pionier Empangeni tournament
  • Lost in final against Clifton Richards Bay Christian School tournament

Players of Richards Bay High School have been selected for the u/18 KZN country team to participate in the Coca Cola Academic week in the July holiday.

Their coach is Mr Hennie Pretorius and he will accompany the players. We are very proud of all of you.

On the photo ltr: Mr Hennie Pretorius (Coach) Dezen Oosthuizen, Shaun Koekemoer, Roanda Neluvhalani, Riekert de Bruyn and Mr Gawie Botha (Coach).

1st Team Rugby - Felixton Festival Results

  1. Penryn College: 25 - 24
  2. Pongola Academy: 48 - 7
  3. Port Shepstone: 26 - 19
  • Forward Player of the Tournament: Danie Du Plessis
  • Backline Player of the Tournmant: Riekert de Bruyn

Rugby 2016

Rugby Results Nite Series

After three rounds of trials, district and provincial Divan Meintjes was selected to the KZN u/18 Country Team which will take part in the National Academy week at Kearsney College in Durban during the 11 - 17 July holiday. Mr H. Pretorius, coach of Richards Bay High School's first Rugby team, will also be attending the week as assistant coach and will be responsible for coaching the team's back-line.

Photo: Divan Meintjes and Mr Hennie Pretorius of Richards Bay High School.

Results vs Empangeni 4 June

  • 1st Team HSRB 14 - 15 Emp
  • 2nd Team HSRB 15 - 22 Emp
  • u/16A HSRB 29 - 0 Emp
  • u/15A HSRB 12 - 5 Emp
  • u/14A HSRB 77 - Emp

Results vs John Ross C / RBCS 27/28 May

  • 1st Team HSRB 45 - 12 JRC
  • u/16A HSRB 31 - 0 JRC
  • u/15A HSRB 42 - 0 JRC
  • u/14A HSRB 29 - 0 JRC

Results vs Felixton / Birdswood Secondary 24 May

  • 1st Team HSRB 17 - 0 Felixton
  • u/16A HSRB 29 - 5 Birdswood

Results vs Kuswag / Kingsway / Kokstad 14 May

  • 1st Team HSRB 7 - 8 Kuswag
  • 2nd Team HSRB 21 - 17 Kuswag
  • u/16A HSRB 29 - 3 Kingsway
  • u/15A HSRB 0 - 24 Kuswag
  • u/14A HSRB 45 - 7 Kuswag

Results vs George Campbell 7 May

  • 1st Team HSRB 20 - 40 GC
  • 2nd Team HSRB 0 - 26 GC
  • u/16A HSRB 53 - 0 GC
  • u/15A HSRB 20 - 14 GC
  • u/14A HSRB 77 - 3 GC
  • u/14B HSRB 38 - 0 GC

Results vs Greytown 27 April

  • 1st Team HSRB 22 - 40 Greytown
  • 2nd Team HSRB 5 - 19 Greytown
  • u/16A HSRB 26 - 16 Greytown
  • u/15A HSRB 10 - 5 Greytown
  • u/14A HSRB 35 - 0

Results vs Empangeni 23 April

  • 1st Team HSRB 0 - 14 EMP
  • 2nd Team HSRB 7 - 26 EMP
  • u/16A HSRB 46 - 0 EMP
  • u/15A HSRB 17 - 0 EMP
  • u/14A HSRB 64 - 5 EMP

Results vs Hillcrest 9 April

  • 1st Team HSRB 13 - 25 Hillcrest
  • u/16A HSRB 48 - 12 Hillcrest
  • u/15A HSRB 36 - 0 Hillcrest
  • u/14A HSRB 58 - 0