Pro Deo Et Patria

Richards Bay High School


Top Three 2017 1st Term

Grade 8

1st Kayla Moodley, 2nd Beth Laas, 3rd Melri van Schoor

Grade 9

1st Sasrika Kowlassur, 2nd Kirel Reddy, 3rd Miso Xongwana

Grade 10

1st Alma Strachan, 2nd Sumarie Roodt, 3rd Anneke Goosen

Grade 11

1st Nikita Munyen, 2nd Kayashan Moodaly, 3rd Lené van As

Grade 12

1st Anél Jordaan, 2nd Fundile Nene, 3rd Jade Smith

"Op die Spel" TV Programme

With her sparkling personality, self confidence and enthusiasm, Sumarie Roodt was chosen to take part together with three other finalists in the "Op die Spel" TV programme, presented by Rian van Heerden.

Sumarie performed excellently and earned much admiration. A TV-star in the making!