Pro Deo Et Patria

Richards Bay High School


Musical 2014

Rooikappie met 'n Twist

This year most certainly started off with a BANG as Rooikappie strolled onto the stage of Richards Bay High School. Everybody was nervous about auditions, big smiles were shared with the roles being divided and so much laughter went around as we put it all together! “Rooikappie met ‘n twist” was a twist indeed as it brought Rooikappie, Ouma en ou Wolfie together with the stunner Prince Charming. A hilarious Jester, Die Goeie Fee, Tarzan, prince Ali Babwa, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, the butch Houtkapper and many more fantastic fairytale creatures, dancers and singers.

Our story took place somewhere far far away in the treacherous woods where Rooikappie, who once was the sweetest dame, turned out to be a mean, trigger happy girl who believed she was in charge. She cut off all Rapunzel’s hair and shot Prince Ali’s carpet full of holes. The forest’s inhabitants tried their best to formulate a plan to get her to leave when Prince Charming galloped to the rescue on his steed, capturing Rooikappie in his arms and taking her away to live with him.

Finally there was peace in the jungle! This musical was full of beautiful music containing songs from Grease, Aladdin, the Sound of Music and so much more. There were 3 groups of girl dancers, gumboot dancers and even our manly men in tights that made us gasp for air from laughter. This was most certainly one amazing experience for everyone who participated including the big group of singers, the ensemble, the actors, main singers and dancers, the school’s band and of course the audience who were able to share in the fun. This phenomenal production would never have come to a reality without our scriptwriters and directors: ms Opperman and ms Herbst. A big thank you to them and everyone else who made this musical an event to remember !!!