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Richards Bay High School

Prize Giving


Academic Prize Giving, 18 October 2017


Sport and Culture Prize Giving, 17 October 2017

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May 2017

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Richards Bay High School learner bestowed with prestigious bursary.

Goosebump – moment! Oldenburg Bonsél Scholarship 2017… Matric learners of Richards Bay High School who applied for the bursary were quiet and waited in anticipation…

Mr Johan Oldenburg, an alumnus of the school and successful businessman in the Netherlands, handpicked one deserving grade 12 learner to bestow on her the opportunity of a lifetime – a full tertiary educational scholarship. The company will cover all costs, including books, classes and accommodation.

Clarissa Graham was the fortunate and worthy winner of this prestigious bursary. Her hard work, dedication and commitment paid off. She can venture into any desired field of study.

Three teachers were also chosen to visit the Netherlands to equip them further in their educational careers; Monica Herbst, Elize Schulze and Herman Muller.

The staff and learners of Richards Bay High School would like to thank Oldenburg Bonsél and Associates for their contribution and sincere interest in our school.

Front: Mr. Oldenburg (Johan Oldenburg's father), Clarissa Graham, Ms. Oldenburg (Johan Oldenburg's mother) and Ms. Monica Herbst. At the rear is Mr. Herman Muller and Ms. Elize Schulze.


December 2016

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Richards Bay High School celebrates Mandela Day in a very special manner. Mr. Johan Oldenburg, an ex-scholar of the school and Director of Oldenburg-Bonsél in the Netherlands, hands two full university bursaries to deserving Gr.12 learners, Hein Cooke and Fanele Gumede.

Scholar Denice van Emenis is given the opportunity to visit a famous sous-chef in Amsterdam as protégé.

Mnr. Johan Oldenburg

Hein Cooke en Fanele Gumede